The goal of this blog is to share information from experience in a non-BS way.  

I’m Patrik and i’m the owner/head coach of CrossFit Proteios. I follow CrossFit since ’07, got my L1 in ’09 and am coaching it since 2010.
I have a martial art background and thought capoeira from age 19 till 28.

I think that my years of coaching and critical eye can help some people progress their training and coaching but mostly i need a place here i can vent some ideas that float around in my head.

  • Cut me some slack and I’m mildly Byslected ( pun intended ) and English is not my native language.
  • I’m going to start by Trying (emphasis on try) to write once a month. we’ll see where it goes.
  • Mostly my opinion coming from my experience. Experience, not matter how extensive, is always limited.
  • There are already a gazillion blogs and articles on the interwebs with long explanations about the subject I’m going to touch upon and will link to them as much as possible.
    I will use a lot of external sources to support my claims.
  • These blog posts are intended mostly (but not only) for the people in my box and stem from what I see and hear most. I think many can benefit from my short writings and I will link to more in depth explanations for those who care.
  • I will try to keep it short but i feel like I’m going to fail.

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