Essential CrossFit Equipment.

When you are new to CrossFit I am sure you look at the suitcases some of the CrossFit “veterans” are lugging around and you are wondering why you are showing up with just a pair of shorts, T-shirt and training shoes.
Here is a small guide to the must haves.

So let’s get you started on what you need as a beginner to CrossFit. This List will be ordered chronologically so you know what to get First.

1. Jump rope
Equipment wise this is your first must have item. Every box has jump ropes but be honest, how much time did you spend looking for the one that is exactly you size? How many times was someone else already using it?
Rope quality is one of the most important factors for learning double-unders. The more the cable drags in the handle the more power is needed to make the rope go round.
Warning: You will whip yourself. Repeatedly.
price: €15-40

2. Wrist wraps
One of the most used and versatile pieces of gear you will ever own.  They will help you with the aches during front squats, everything overhead and most gymnastic movements . The best thing about them is they are cheap and will last years.
price: €25-35

3. Tape
Tape is something you will not need often but if you do and you and don’t have it on hand it can really hamper your ability to work out.
See a workout with a lot of pull us? Sore thumb skin after weightlifting? Laces coming undone? This may be the perfect time for a piece of tape to protect the skin or fasten whatever needs to be fastened.

4. T-Shirt
CrossFit Proteios T-shirt is all you need 😉
price: €20

5. Shoes
Now you have been training for a couple of months. You’ve got the basics and it’s time to get serious. Your running shoes are not good for lifting and let’s face it… they are not that good for running either. This will be your 1st serious investment.
Look for a shoe that has a flat and sturdy sole. You want it to move as little as possible while lifting yet some shock absorption is good for running and box jumps.
There are many brand out there but the two I know are good are Reebok CrossFit Nanos and Nike Metcons. They hit all the markers and are even rope-climb resistant.
price: €100-140


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