How to Survive the Holiday Season.

We all know what is coming. Copious amounts of eating, drinking and talking to relatives you haven’t seen in ages. As if hearing the stories you hear every year again isn’t hard enough you fear the aftermath of all that food and drinks. Don’t stress. Keep to these rules and you’ll be fine.

  1. Stop caring so much
    You have been training for a whole year and watching your nutrition for most of the time. This one week of over eating and under training won’t change a thing.
    I know, I know. I am a box owner and head coach and I should be telling you how important it is to stay┬áconsistent but I have always been one to keep it real and I’m telling you to take some time off. This week is a week on vacation. Disconnect from your day to day. The get up, food, kids to school, work, pick up kids, run to the box and train, feed kids, sleep.
    Reconnect with your familie. Enjoy meals and talk to each other enough so you don’t have to see them for another year.

    1. Less/No training!?
      Yes! Are you going to the Regionals? Are you going to go to the Games? If so: remember to donate 15% of your winnings to the box. If not: Take a break and come back fully motivated and energized.
      There is nothing that will motivate you like feeling like you miss it. It reaffirms that you actually like it.
      Yes, the first two weeks will suck. But don’t worry. I’ll be in the box. Right there with you coaching you through that week and i promise you you’ll perform better than ever before.I know this advice wasn’t what you were looking for. I know you were looking for some simple rules to follow to feel less guilty about pigging out.
      Trust me. This is exactly what you need to feel less guilty.
      Just remember. I, your coach, will be thinking up awesome ways to torture you into shape come next year.See you at the box next year.
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